A few of our Wise Women

Please allow me to introduce to you some of our wise women…

One of our Wise Women, Hilah, suggested we take the 4th trimester (the first three months of the baby’s life) to heal and restore. She explained that if the mother is cared for in the first month, even if she was not healthy before, her health will be rebuilt. In this special window of time the mother has healing restorative treatments performed. This also helps prevent postpartum depression that is so prevalent in our present day culture. 

If you are still in the 4th trimester and would like to work with Hilah you can find more information by emailing her at Hilahsohar@gmail.com.

Another Wise Woman, Gena Mcarthy, spoke to us about how to heal birth trauma. To learn more about her please go here

And our most recent Wise Woman, Sara Lyon, shared some exercises we can do to strengthen out core. Check out this video to do some of the exercises we learned. You can contact Sara at glow@gloweastbay.com.

Another thing you can do do nurture yourself RIGHT NOW:

Try shifting in your seat. Uncross your legs if they are crossed. Loosen any tight clothing. Now, take a full breath. Do you feel a little better? It’s a small thing, but it shows you CAN affect your stress level.

In the next blog I plan to share a few more short term stress relievers of my own. Stay tuned and take care.

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