Going out alone

If questioned about going out alone, do you make squeamish faces and say, “I couldn’t go out ALONE. It wouldn’t be any fun.” I feel like there is a social stigma about being “alone.” (Translation: boring, desperate, nobody likes me.) I believe that going out alone is a skill and and art that can be learned, shared and implemented.

In last week’s post I shared about going to a restaurant alone. I remember the host greeting me with, “Just one?” I smiled and said, “OH, one is more than enough, you’d be surprised.”

Some things you can bring along to assist you in being alone confidently:

  • something to write on/in (not your phone)
  • something to read (again, not your phone)
  • an attitude of confidence, curiosity, and openness (don’t worry if you don’t feel any of these- just act as if.)

Personally, I LOVE going out alone to restaurants, movies, and walks. Something that helps me with being alone but not being lonely is saying to myself, “I am welcome everywhere. A place is lucky to have me visit it.”

Another useful skill I have cultivated is talking to strangers- striking up conversations with interesting people helps me to feel not so alone. Some of this involves eaves dropping, which we are taught not to do, but don’t YOU do it too?! I simply find people (usually another mom) that interest me and I find a spot to comment, ask a question, or deliver a compliment. Most people are receptive and I have even invited mamas to join the mom-ME Circle this way. If they are not interested I know right away and can busily read or write something as a diversion.

We cannot meet or be met if we don’t speak up or take a chance. How can you deny someone the pleasure of meeting you?

Please share in the comments below if you like or shy away from boldly talking to new people and how it makes you feel.

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  1. Tracy Randolph

    Love this Isabelle 😊. I personally love being alone and my favorite thing is to go see a movie alone. Thanks for this!

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