Self-Care tip: listen to your body. It is SPEAKING to you.

This morning I got up before the kids and asked myself “How do you feel; what do you need?”

The impact of doing this is amazing. 

And so, I invite you to join me in this practice of asking ourselves what we need. Lie down or sit in a comfortable position. Take some deep breaths. Be still for a few moments. What comes up? What are you craving today? Movement? Stillness? Exercise? Rest? How are your energy levels? Your digestion? Are you feeling anxious about anything? Are you on your period? How do your teeth and gums feel? Your shoulders? Your pelvic floor? As mamas we ask a lot of our bodies: carrying, lifting, cooking, cleaning, sleep deprivation, skipping meals so that we can hurry on to the next task… It can take a major toll! And while we can get a lot of support from the outside: friends to babysit, chiropractor or acupuncture support, massage from a partner, nutrition advice… (and all of these are important!) we can also gather support from within just by asking ourselves: WHAT DO I NEED?

Today, take note of how it feels to be in your body. Do you need to make an appointment with your Dr about anything (general check up, annual pap, mammogram)? Do you need new shoes (ME!)? Do you need to move your body more (ME again!)? When we make it a priority to listen to and respond to our bodies we build trust. It’s sort of like building a healthy attachment with our babies when they are little… We show up for them when they need us so they can grow healthy and strong knowing that someone has their back. The more you check in with how you’re feeling, the more attuned you will be with your physical needs. Even if you can’t satisfy everyone of your needs (or your child’s), just acknowledging them is powerful medicine. 

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  1. loretta avyeroff

    Cancelled hairtrim. ate breakfast (usually don’t.) Catching up quietly, inside, today. Not exercising. Did too much yesterday…..Body said "rest today." I am. oxo

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