This blog is for you if 2018 kicked you in the booty. This is for you if (like me) need to have a good cry, but struggle to find the space in your life to let that happen.

Oh honey. What a year it’s been!

As 2019 approaches this is my wish for you: Give yourself grace.


Grace for your heart that is tender and sore and sprained.

Grace for your body that is tired and aching.

Grace for your mama hands that have grasped and held and tended to so many loved ones and are in deep need for some holding of their own. 

Grace for when you are down and dirty in the dust of the arena.

Grace for when you wonder how long you need to keep fighting.

Grace while you are reeling, wondering just how many more punches will come your way. Surely this is the last? Surely THIS one must be the last?

Grace for the times that you are trying and struggling.

Grace when there is no end in sight.

Grace for the feelings of hopeless.

Grace, Grace, Grace.

My definition of Grace:


1. Self acknowledgment for how worthy of love you are, just as you are.
2. A characteristic or quality pleasing for its unabashed self-devotion.
3. A sense of “I am enough.”
    a. A disposition to be generous or helpful with ourselves, to ourselves; goodwill towards the self.
    b. Mercy; clemency.
4. My daughter’s first name 🙂

You are not alone. We are never alone. But I know you might feel lonely.


“Why be alone when we can be together babyYou can make my life worthwhileAnd I can make you start to smile” ― Mr. Big

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