5 Things To Do When Life Gets Tough

The last few months (December-February) have been a doozy for my family. Without getting into specifics, I’ll just say that I am ready for winter to be over and am anticipating with great enthusiasm the coming Spring.

And I know that I’m not alone. I was visiting with a dear friend last week and she shared with me what a challenging year 2017 was. She beautifully described her feelings about it: “My overwhelm comes and goes. But when it returns, I often freeze and forget what helps me the most; all of my greatest self-care practices fly out the window.” 

Can you relate?

I think we all know what helps us “feel good fast” (both healthy and unhealthy habits), but when our bodies and brains get triggered by BIG, powerful emotions, we revert back to our primal state. 

I have good new though! There are several simple, nurturing self-care practices that can bring you back to your innate well-being. 

5 Things To Do When Life Gets Tough:

  1. Go outside. Time in nature is often referred to as the ultimate antidepressant because it affects us on a physical, mental, and emotional level. A date with Mother Nature can reduce stress, enhance your mood and often enhances connection and intimacy when you include someone you care about to join you.
  2. Move your body. Have you heard the phrase, “the issues are in the tissues.”? You could go to a yoga, Nia, or qi gong class, take a hike or just walk around the block with your dog. And to amplify the benefits of movement remember to BREATH. 
  3. Ask for help. People who are comfortable asking for help (you could ask a coach, therapist, mentor, partner, neighbor, friend, employee…) experience greater success and feel more connected and confident in all areas of their lives. Having a support system can make all the difference in how you experience this journey called life.
  4. Do less. I’d say that 100% of the women I work with are craving more time to just be- so they can actually integrate into their hearts and souls what is happening moment to moment. The more choices and decisions we have, the less happy we are. Consider ways you might be over-doing that keep you from experiencing life in the moment and therefore, taxing your wellbeing.
  5. Feel to heal. The more we are able to be with what we are feeling, the more we’re able to heal out old wounds. When we feel out feelings, rather than push them a way, we become more open and accessible to our loved ones, we’re more connected to our desires, and we become more comfortable voicing our needs and wants.

And remember, be kind both to yourself and to others. We don’t always know what battles our fellow humans in the grocery store lines, on the playgrounds, and in the cars next to ours are battling. We are approaching Spring, but it is still winter, a time to move slowly, keep our loads light, and not be too ambitious.

Let me know how I can support you!

Big hugs,



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