Be Grateful

The first step to creating abundance is appreciating what you have. After all, if you can’t appreciate what you already have, what makes you think you can appreciate more? It is essential to count your blessings and honor the gifts in your life on a daily basis.

Vulnerable moment…

When I was a little girl, I had a total lack of gratitude. In fact, I was often disappointed. It seemed like no matter what my parents got me, I felt dissatisfied. And it wasn’t just the gifts that were disappointing, so was the connection and intimacy. And not because there was a lack of it!

I also didn’t believe I was very smart. I had a learning disability so it took me a lot longer to get my school work done than it took the other kids. This gave me a real chip on my shoulder and I felt like I had to prove myself in other ways. I seemed to fit in with all the groups at school, yet I felt out of place.

Even as a young teen I could sense that I had a lack of gratitude, but that didn’t mean I changed. I had beautiful clothes, my dad had a good job, and my life was pretty darn good. So why was I so dissatisfied? 

One Thanksgiving, we were asked to create a gratitude list. Every day of the month of November we were instructed to make a list of 5-10 things we were grateful for, including things that didn’t seem like positives. That assignment changed my life.

It taught me that when something happens that is out of my control, I could put it on my gratitude list. So, when my first boyfriend broke up with me I bravely put it on the list as something “good.” It was an act of faith that, despite the pain, it was for the best. And writing a thank you card to the Universe is an easy way to begin the manifesting process. (Our theme this month in the Mom-ME Circle Facebook group.)


With appreciation for your bounty of gifts in mind, it’s time to add a gratitude list to your routine too. 

…And I want more!

Yes, and! The old type of linear thinking says either/or, but at Mom-ME Circle we hold both at once. I love what I have AND I want more!

It’s important to know your value and value your needs. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. AND it’s ok to have possessions.

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