Creating Space During This Busy Season

I’m donning a sparkly, festive beard today to bring you some tips to create space in our environment and minds this time of year.

My invitation today is to create sense of spaciousness in your life. When I’m adding something new to my already full life, I’m cognizant of what I’m taking out to create space for the new.

What do you need to create space around? Maybe you need to go to bed a bit earlier so your morning routine can include enough time to allow yourself to have a spacious morning to do what you need to do before the day really begins.

I’ve created an altar that I can add and subtract from to have a visual space to represent what is important. It’s a metaphor for my life right now. What is part of your altar?

Our children, and ourselves, are in a season of wanting a craving. We can acknowledge those desires and make a plan to give in to them in the future. There is something in that gap while you’re waiting that is just as powerful as rewarding our desire. It helps us become clear with what is behind the need so we can make an empowered choice.

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