Infuse Your Reality With Your Dream

This month, we’ve been talking about dreams and how to find strategies to align with our truth. If you are still working on aligning with your goal, check out my video where I talk about how to do that.

We’re also about to celebrate the Spring Equinox!

Lately, I’ve been feeling irritable because I feel something coming, and I’m a little impatient. I keep reminding myself to have that patience because good things come in divine timing. It’s ok if things aren’t the way we want them to be right now.

If you’re having trouble sticking to your 2020 intentions, you are not alone. So many of us experience being in the gap between our dream and our reality, and I’m here to walk you through how to connect them.

Let’s look at our belief systems. Is it encouraging and supporting you? Or is it holding you back and being your biggest critic?

Whatever your answer is, YOU are made of the stardust! Your dream is for you to shine brightly! Remember who you are and what you’re capable of. Use that perspective to conjure those sparks inside yourself and create from that space.

When we keep our dreams at arm’s length, we do this because it is a defense mechanism. At some point, we have to get our dreams our of our brains and hearts into reality. If it stays in our heads and heart, we don’t get to truly experience our dream and pursue it seriously.

Ask yourself: What do I really want?

Here is a strategy for getting what you want:

• Write down your dream in vivid detail. 

• Read it before you go to bed each night. 

• Put items next to your bed that remind you of your dream. 

• Fill your life with daily reminders of your dream. 

• Immediately when you wake up, record anything that came to you during your sleep.

All of this will infuse your waking and sleeping life with this dream.

Can you commit to doing this three nights/mornings in a row?

For me, one of my dreams was to write a children’s book. I’m SO excited to say that I have made this dream come true. (Shameless plug: You can pre-order Daddy Daughter Day on Amazon right now!)

I am here to support you too! You can book a Dreamcatcher call with me to create a bridge between where you are now and where you want to be.

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