Don’t let negative self-talk ruin your day.

If you have taken a vacation this summer (or ever!) you know that it’s impossible to begin a successful journey without a road map or a plan. But how do you create a plan of action when life gangs up on you and circumstances appear to be beyond your control?

Like on any adventure, the adventure of life as a mom always comes with its own breed of challenges to overcome. When I work with clients, the goal is not to rid life of all the struggles, but to learn how to more confidently navigate them when they arrive.

For example, your life adventure might include bickering kids, a distant partner, and a tight budget. Or maybe your life adventure looks like sleepless night upon sleepless night because you have a newborn. Or maybe your only child is about to leave to go off to college and you are grappling with what to do with yourself now that they have flown the nest.

In many cases, we wish life had handed us a different set of cards. We wish we could change the hand we were dealt, but the truth is that we can only change ourselves.

Right now, take a moment and ask yourself this: How do I normally see the world? Am I a naturally glass half-full type of girl or a half-empty one? Does life look rosy and full of possibility or dark and full of frightening what ifs? How does my mind run when on autopilot?

In my case, (and this may surprise you if you know me personally) my natural temperament veers toward the negative. Pessimism, self-doubt, and anxiety used to be my constant companions. These burdens, which I somehow managed throughout my early married life, became unbearable after my daughter was born.

I will be the first to tell you that negative self-talk still slips into my mind- I have not arrived at a state of mommy nirvana! But the difference is that now I know what to do when negativity comes knocking. Those difficult days times don’t define me or my future.

The truth is, the majority of us never learn the skill of managing our thoughts. We let them run wild instead. This torrent of uncontrolled mind-spinning ushers negative effects into both our life circumstances and our emotions.

Scientists estimate that the average person entertains between 12,000 and 50,000 thoughts per day. That’s a lot of brain power to focus in whichever direction we choose. The thoughts will come either way- why not use them to create the life of purpose and joy we desperately desire and so greatly deserve? The good news is that your thoughts don’t have to define who you are!

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