Remember the Promise of the Seasons

“I’m trying to figure out how to jump back into school. Fear of failing always kept me from the pursuit. Now that I have a baby, I feel like not trying would be the real failure. Any thoughts or tips?”

Mama, you are not alone in wondering when is the right time to pursue a dream or goal. I ask you that some question, “When is the right time?”

What season do you find yourself in right now? Specifically, in your mothering. Is going back to school in this season of your life in service of where you are or would it be a counter step in the season you’re in?

Often, the answer is “I don’t know,” and that’s ok! There’s a season for all things, and that means we are in that season of not knowing.

The season of Winter is often when we don’t know something. Everything is in darkness. It can appear that nothing is happening, but even though it’s dark, there are still things happening. Just like when we can’t see the moon, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

There are so many cycles we can sync with and not even be aware of. For example, midday is the Summer of the day when we’re meant to be loud and proud! And the morning is the Spring, the evening is the Fall, and nighttime is Winter. Again, we know that just because we are sleeping (in the Winter part of the day) that doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

Change is inevitable. The season changes. Our lives change. Our bodies change. Hormones change! Change is the one thing we can always rely on, and we try to resist it so much.

You might be in season of Summer and notice that you’re burning out. You may choose to take a step inward and prepare for the season of Fall in your life.

It can feel overwhelming with all these seasons and cycles swirling around us.

Take time to slow down, find the stillness within us, and acknowledge the season you’re in. Acknowledge if you’re frustrated and angsty or enjoying the season you’re in. When we notice our response to the season we’re in, we can separate ourselves from that and shift our response.

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