Share a Sister Referral Partnership

Helping moms connect with other women and with themselves through the magic of sisterhood.

“We may not have it all together, but together we can have it all.”

This program is for…

  • Women who have put themselves on the back burner for too long and are ready to move to the front burner.

  • Overwhelmed moms who long for a step by step strategy to get where they want to go.

  • Big hearted women who realize that caring for everyone, except themselves, comes at a price and they are no longer willing to pay it.

  • Moms who lost themselves inside of motherhood and want to reclaim their lost selves.

  • Women who are ready to make a change and are committed to living a passionate, purposeful, abundant life.

How the Share a Sister Referral Program works…

1. Share this link with your referral

2. Make an email introduction between your referral and us



Subject Line: Connecting two brilliant women!

Hi Isabelle, meet INSERT THEIR NAME.

I’m connecting you two because I think you need to know each other and I have also mentioned to INSERT NAME about how you help moms love their lives at every stage of motherhood.

INSERT NAME is (Fill in the blank with what you see as her gifts, strengths, vision and/or possibility) and I think Isabelle can be a supportive ally at this important time in your life.

I’ll let you two take it from here.


3. If it's a fit, we will get your referral signed up


4. Choose your gift

1 share a sister referral you get- half off your own ticket to the awakened woman launch (two for the price of one!)

3 or more share a sister referrals you get- 1 30 minute coaching call with Isabelle

7 or more share a sister referrals you get- 1 VIP lunch with Isabelle

5. Rinse and Repeat

You’re a rockstar!

I look forward to collaborating with you! If you have any further questions, email me.

Dear share a sister partner, thank you for your interest in sharing mom-me-circle

Mom-ME Circle is the place where we put the ME back in “Mommy.” It’s a community of women who are ready to reclaim their lives by making their dreams and themselves a priority. In this program, women link arms with me and, together, we create a bridge from where they are to where they want to be.

BENEFITS of Mom-ME Circle:

Live Weekly Coaching Calls

Each week, there will be a one-hour live group coaching call. Each session is packed with information. Bring on the questions! I will help moms plan and get set up for success. I will help keep moms accountable to do what they say they will with compassionate rigor.

In-Depth 1:1 Coaching

During our monthly 1:1 coaching calls, Mom-MEs will receive support on solving their problems, creating a dream and clearing limiting beliefs. I have training in life coaching, yoga and ayurveda and I love to integrate my knowledge into this program and teach moms some new tips on how to optimize their habits so they can be successful in this program and in life.


Moms will have a supportive and fun community to lean on. Tribe is more valuable than we often give it credit for. Mom-ME Circle is a safe place for members to support one another, motivate each other, share celebrations and challenges, and stay connected after the program.

Direct Access to Me

Moms will receive access to me via Facebook during the program. Do you know a mom that needs coaching and support? I would love to help! I am a certified life coach and yoga teacher who specializes in mother’s empowerment and have been facilitating circles for 4 years.