Hi there! I’m Isabelle Bridges.

As a Mother’s Empowerment Coach for mothers and women who identify as nurturers, champion of women embracing their feminine super powers, and believer that your big crazy dream is totally possible…

I’m devoted to helping you live your best life, make your dreams a priority, and embrace the life your soul came here to create.

My coaching journey began in a Psychology class in college when I felt like I had finally found “my work,” then decided to forgo a master’s in Counseling and changed the trajectory of my education and career. To this day, I still feel that fire within me for this work.



"I decided to enroll in life coaching with Isabelle because I just felt stuck. I am very self motivated, but at the time, was overwhelmed with changes, challenges, and day to day craziness that I felt I needed more guidance. Isabelle helped me breakdown my needs into a few clear goals. During each coaching call she was able to provide clarity to the chaos of my desires and feelings while showing me new ways to gain insight and focus. Throughout our sessions I was given notes from our discussions and assignments to do in order to expand upon new ideas. Most of all, I was encouraged and held accountable for the commitments I chose to make.”

Laura, mom of two

“I wanted help establishing routine and discipline in my life. your belief in me motivated me to be the person my kids and husband deserve. Thank you!”

Sarah, mom of two

"Coaching with Isabelle has allowed me to center my thoughts and realign my actions with my values. I have gone from thinking things were wants to realizing that they are actually needs that must be fulfilled inorder for me to be my best self. As a mother of two young children, Isabelle understands a woman's need for balance and that there are gives and takes. She helped me to prioritize my wants and needs so I can focus on what I need now and to understand that even though I cannot have it all right now, I can have it all over time. Isabelle always gives me her complete attention and she is naturally talented at hearing what I'm trying to say even when I cannot figure it out for myself. It's as if she knows where my thoughts are going next and she has been able to help me understand myself on a higher level. I feel I have a deeper more meaningful picture of myself with the help from Isabelle.”

Shyla, mom of two


10-Minute Full Moon Ritual

Start your month by reconnecting to your desires, your body, and your soul’s deepest desires. Just press play and I’ll guide you through this powerful Full Moonpractice!

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This MEditation is about engaging with and visualizing your self-adornment ritual, inspiring you to make choices about your physical appearance that feel good and remind you that you can access this place anytime. The suggestions will help you go into the world from a...

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